Our Server runs custom blocks.
We have a lightweight program that you can download and
run that will install the latest texture pack for you
It requires you to have .Net 3.0 (Which you likely already have) or above installed. It only works on windows unless you understand how to run it on mono.
Download Installer Here!

You can also get the raw resources in the following zip file. Merge the config folder within the zip with your config folder in the starmade directory.
There are 2 different versions of the texture pack available.
One being the same basic textures with the custom blocks added. That would be Daedals pack!
The other is a complete re-texture of the entire game which is Zenithas' pack!
You can get either pack using the installer above or download the zip files for either below!
Download Daedals Pack Here!
Download Zenithas' Pack Here!

Donator Perks
  1. You can get a protected sector for $5
  2. You can get credits at 100M per $1
  3. We will also offer recipes soon. Talk to Koderz about it.

If for some reason the button above does not work. Try HERE